I'm a UC Berkeley undergrad studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with interests in psychology, the mind, consciousness, and all things related. I enjoy nature, music, spending time with others, and learning to embody values which conflict with the ways I've been conditioned to think.

I learned to code by creating Minecraft plugins in middle school and subsequently becoming a developer in the iOS Jailbreak community; my passion for building and creating has grown immeasurably ever since. I specialize in web development and have hands-on experience in many languages and frameworks: TypeScript, React Native, Express, and Ruby on Rails to name a few.

I'm interning at MAPS PBC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). MAPS is an educational nonprofit working to understand the roles psychedelics can play in healing and therapy, while MAPS PBC is funding the clinical trials and training the therapists to accomplish that goal.

Recently, I co-founded and became the co-president of Psychedelic Science at Berkeley, dedicated to supporting the revival of the psychedelic healing movement in an effort to alleviate suffering and help create a world that puts connection, experience, and well-being above all else.

Recent Projects

mobile friendly website, usable offline, free forever

Salvum consolidates harm reduction resources in one place in an effort to make safety in or around altered states of consciousness as easy as possible. It aggregates substance and interaction information from open databases of psychoactive compounds.

Vesen is a platform that helps restaurants connect with their customers digitally without sacrificing their brand or profits. It provides an SMS-based ordering system that makes placing an order as easy as sending a text and communicating with customers as easy as pressing a button.

second place at Cal Hacks 6.0, created in under 36 hours

Steganography tool able to encode/decode images with encrypted text (currently using PGP) in an undetectable way that survives industry-standard image compression, making it easy to send encrypted messages through insecure channels without alerting anyone to the presence of encrypted communications.

Pusher jailbreak tweak View Source

Forwards push notifications from an iOS device to various third-party services (e.g. Pushover, Pushbullet, IFTTT) for integration with other technologies. For example, I use Pusher to display push notifications on my laptop which creates a unified experience and even leads to a productivity increase (by removing the need to repetitively switch devices).

TEDxBerkeley mobile app

In an effort to reduce paper usage and take advantage of those things in all of our pockets, TEDxBerkeley wanted to convert its typical event guide into a mobile app. The app contains information on the current speakers, performers, and sponsors of the event, while also facilitating contact with past attendees.