I'm a builder, psychedelic advocate, and human recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. At the moment, DAOs and psychedelic medicine pay the most rent in my mind. I enjoy music, nature, spending time with others (and myself!), and building things that deepen people's connections with themselves, loved ones, and the surrounding life.

“Soon the world will be returned to the healthy intelligences, the collective ones. Colonies and hives.” The Overstory by Richard Powers

Recent Projects

a DAO that builds tools for creating your own DAOs

A DAO is an organization democratically controlled by its members. Think worker-owned cooperative business structure, with communally-chosen rules & procedures enforced through software instead of the overly bureaucratic and expensive legal system. Essentially, a DAO is a cross between a transparent, secure voting system and a bank account that doesn't rely on a corruptable centralized authority. Optimistically, DAOs lower the financial, technical, and geographical barriers to organizing a collective around a mission.

mobile friendly website, usable offline, free forever

Salvum consolidates harm reduction resources in one place in an effort to make safety in or around altered states of consciousness as easy as possible. It aggregates substance and interaction information from open databases of psychoactive compounds.

Vesen is a platform that helps restaurants connect with their customers digitally without sacrificing their brand or profits. It provides an SMS-based ordering system that makes placing an order as easy as sending a text and communicating with customers as easy as pressing a button.

second place at Cal Hacks 6.0, created in under 36 hours

Steganography tool able to encode/decode images with encrypted text (currently using PGP) in an undetectable way that survives industry-standard image compression, making it easy to send encrypted messages through insecure channels without alerting anyone to the presence of encrypted communications.

Web Ring